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Cost of Jewelry Repair in Dubai?

Jewelry is meant to be loved and worn often. When this happens, it’s natural for the piece to age and show signs of wear over time. This can range from the jewelry losing it’s original shine to needing a minor or even major repair.

Irrespective of the condition, we want to help you restore your jewelry and make it shine once again!

There are many different repairs that can be done to restore your jewelry. The cost of the repair varies based on the type of repair that is needed to be done. 

Cleaning or Polish: AED 90

No matter how careful you are with your jewelry, it will eventually get scratched up and become dull. When this happens, bring it in for polishing and get that eye catching shine back!

At Gold Fixers, we have our in-house jewelry craftsmen and state of the art equipment (Ultrasonic clearners & buff machines) to get your jewelry looking brand new again. The avearge price for jewelry polishing is AED 100 however, we usually do jewelry polishing free of cost for most of our customers! 

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Ring Re-Sizing: AED 90 – AED 150+

Having a ring that doesn’t fit properly can run the risk of falling off if too large or cutting off circulation if too small. If your ring doesn’t fit as perfectly as it once did, you may want to consider getting it re-sized.

The price of re-sizing a ring depends on a few factors: the type of metal, whether you are sizing up or down, how many sizes you are having it altered by, and how wide or intricate the ring is.

You can expect to pay somewhere within the price range of AED 90 to AED 150. We offer affordable ring resizing solutions. Our prices start at AED 50 for ring resizing! That is well below the average price for resizing. 

Fxing a Broken Chain: AED 30+

If the chain on your favorite necklace breaks, you can fix it by getting it soldered back together. This will cost you anywhere from AED 30 depending on the type of metal and the area of the chain that needs to be soldered.

These repairs can be very affordable, such as soldering a link of a simple gold or platinum chains which will cost around AED 30.

We at Gold Fixers can fix any type of chain irrespective of the material! Our usual chain fixing cost is AED 30.

Re-setting a Stone: AED 25 – AED 175

Gemstones can add color and sparkle to your jewelry, so when one falls out the piece just doesn’t feel the same. There are so many different stone shapes and setting styles, and as you can probably guess this means that there are many different prices. We have a huge collection of gemstones available at hand in our store and therefore can fix once in your jewelry within a few minutes!

Our prices for stone setting start at AED 25 but you can expect to pay anywhere from AED 100 – 150 for a single stone in other stores!


As you can see, there is no set price for a jewelry repair. If you have a piece that you would like repaired, feel free to bring it into our store located in Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai or contact us for a more accurate quote. If you visit a store, we can give your jewelry a free cleaning and have our expert jewelers give you a repair estimate.


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