Why Repair Jewelry?

Jewelry has been a part of everyone’s lives for decades. It plays an integral role in not only beautifying us but also as a statement. Humans are natural storytellers. We want to express ourselves through every tiny detail or statement. Jewelry has been the epicenter of storytelling for generations. All of our jewelry articles tell a story, but how long does jewelry actually last?

In its original form, jewelry can last a maximum of a few years before it starts to wear. Silver starts to darken within a few months of purchase and gold loses its shine. This impacts our articles of storytelling. How can we possibly let this happen? The memories attached to each piece are so sentimental that we must preserve them for generations to come!

This is the primary reason why we must maintain and repair our jewelry. The following is a list of reasons why jewelry MUST be repaired:

  • No cost of purchasing new jewelry reduces as your existing jewelry can last forever with the right amount of maintenance and repair
  • The story behind the jewelry lasts forever and can run through generations, keeping the story alive
  • The cost of maintenance is extremely affordable if the right shop is approached

We at Gold Fixers repair all types of jewelry and help you keep your jewelry looking new for generations to come at the most minimal price. Our prices start as low as AED 5 for repairing/ stone fixing!

Pass by our workshop to watch your jewelry being repaired in person and enjoy the experience!

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