Jewelry Repair Services

Almost all forms of jewelry can be repaired. The material/metal that it is made of only changes the method of repair requried. 

We at Gold Fixers can repair ANY jewelry item irrespective of the material. We specalize in jewelry repair and have had a customer satisfaction rate of 100%. Below is a list of some of the services we offer.

Artificial Jewelry Repair

All jewelry items made of artificial jewelry require extreme care when repairing. Due to the material and stones being sensitive to heat, traditional methods cannot be applied.
Therefore, we use world class equipment to fix artificial jewelry.

Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry

Precious metals are soft and require the right fix inorder to maintain their value. Be aware of some repair shops using non-precious metals to fix jewelry. These fixes not only reduce the value of your item but also affect its beauty.

Unusual Items Repairing

This segment of repair requires an expert craftsman to undertake as the items are usually very sensitive. An example would be fixing stones in a perfume bottle or soldering a shoe chain.
We at Gold Fixers can fix these too!