Hi! I am Hussain, the Founder and CEO of Gold Fixers! Coming from a family of Jewelers, I have had working with jewelry in my blood.  

After carefully analysing the jewelry industry, I found a lack of skilled and professional jewelry craftsmen who can repair jewelry effectively.

Therefore, I came up with Gold Fixers. An initiative to make jewelry repair more accessible and affordable for everyone! 

It’s a pleasure to have you on my website, and I would love to see you in-store too!

Welcome to Gold Fixers

Every piece of jewelry needs the right amount of care and precision when it comes to repairing. There is a reason why not everyone can effectively repair jewelry. It is not only a scarce art but a mind set of critical thinking that is required in-order to bring jewelry back to its original form. One requires a vision of what the item was when it was first made and then a few brainstorming sessions of potential techniques is required. Domain expertise is essential with the right amount of risk taking.